Thursday, September 20, 2012

I absolutely love the phrase "rock and roll happened." Sadly, I am not the one who came up with it. It was on the and band tour a few years ago after a long day of driving in our tour van to Johnson City, TN that I came back to the hotel room after a late night dip in the pool. Our room
, which the band was sharing, looked like it had been hit by a tornado. All of the pictures were sideways (this was one of those classy hotels where they didn't have to bolt the pictures onto the wall so people don't steal them). I walked in and said "What the hell happened?" like the mother figure that I had which Mike replied "Rock and Roll happened." I tried to be mad but I'm pretty sure I laughed about it. I loved the phrase so much that I hoped to write a huge book called "Rock and Roll Happened" and it would contain my memoirs. I started writing it but it seemed really weird to be looking back and writing memoirs. I felt old. So here is a blog which should contain stories and pictures from the past as well as present day excitement.
In Johnson City, we played at this cute little place called the Acoustic Cafe. Everyone was really friendly and dug our music. This show was after a crazy day in Memphis where someones car was broken into. On the way to Johnson City our van was just barely hanging on. When we pulled into the hotel parking lot it died. It started up the next day.
Pictures of our show: