Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Do we actually play in venues on tour?

As I'm going through my pictures from tours I realize that I have very few, if any, pictures of me or the band playing on stage in front of people. Most of the pictures and videos are clips of us hanging out in the van or hotels. It's hard to take pictures of yourself while playing onstage. Here are some of my favorite "playing music just for the fun of it while on tour" pics.
That's Travis on the flu tour. We were in Philly and he started playing the guitar in the van while it was parked on the side of the road, waiting for the gig to start. Unfortunately, we were parked near some kind of government building and we were told by a police officer that you can't play music near a government building.
That's Mike on the and band tour practicing in the hotel in Johnson city. Please note the sideways hanging picture in the background. This picture was taken right around the "rock and roll happened" incident (see first post).
That's a picture of me practicing in our hotel in Nashville. I practiced every song I knew. (I actually had to go to my own website to refresh my memory on some of them) It came in handy because the next night I went to see a band but the band canceled and I just happened to have my guitar in the car and I played instead!

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