Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sometimes I'm glad I never "made it" in the music world

 When I started out playing music I never expected it to last more than a year or so. I was pretty terrible and had very little stage presence but I loved writing my songs and performing them. I met so many wonderful people who became my good friends and I just found myself playing music year after year. Lately I've been thinking about how people would ask me about not "making it" in the music business and telling me things like I should lose weight or wear different clothes. Or that I was too old! (I started out at 26) But I never planned on "making it" in the music business and sometimes I actually feel bad for musicians who do. I played music with a great group of people.  We toured all over the place in broken down vans. We never argued about money because we had none. I never had to think twice about any songs I wrote and what genre it would fit into and what radio format would play it.
 Right now I am in the midst of making a record that I am so excited and proud of and I have enjoyed the process so much.  When it gets closer to the release date I will give many more details about how it was made and who is on it. But I do have to say that I am unbelievably thankful to have all these wonderful musicians play on it. It is just nice to have artistic control and to make the album that I want to make. I have really talented musician friends and access to a recording studio. What more can I ask for! In the end this record needs my stamp of approval only. There is no record label telling me that I can't put a punk song on the same album as a country song. So what I'm really saying is I'm very lucky to have played music for a long time while keeping my musical integrity and friends.

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