Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Let me clarify something

This blog is going to make me sound old and stodgy but that's ok because I kind of am. I need to clarify what it really means to be an indie musician. Lately, i've been hearing these national touring famous musicians being called"indie." It kinda makes me mad because if you are signed to a major label, have a booking agent for every continent and just played the main stage at are not an indie musician.
You are an indie musician if you:
1. Get a second job to pay for your album.
2. Go on a two week tour with a nap sack full of peanut butter crackers or a duffel bag full of store brand diet shakes.
3. Play your butt off at a show with an audience of 5 and those 5 were the other band playing that night.
4. Tie your muffler back on with a low E string to get home from a show.
5.  Play divey bars where you wish there was chicken wire between the stage and the audience.
6.  Promote the heck out of your new youtube video and are psyched to have 200 views.
7. Are overjoyed to see a monitor on stage.
8.Waited in line for 2 hours in 100 degree weather to maybe play a song at the Blue bird cafe.
Please support your local independent musicians and don't call them sell outs if they someday do end on the main stage of coechella because store brand diet shakes are gross!

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